The overall objective of the CCDA project was to develop concepts and promote methods and tools to support and encourage the corporate sector to avoid reinforcing negative impact on conflict but rather strengthen positive impact. To reach this objective, the project included the following key activities:

CCDA case studies in four locations

To test the usefulness of the CCDA concept, case studies were conducted in four locations: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myanmar, Colombia and the occupied Palestinian territory. Each case study identified one or more CCDAs and described the context in which they operate, as well as the ways in which the CCDAs are dependent on the existence of the conflict. The studies draw on findings from field visits and a number of different sources.

Conflict sensitivity in Scandinavian corporations

One additional study were commissioned to review the current state of affairs among Scandinavian corporations regarding conflict sensitivity and corporate responsibility. The study was implemented in Scandinavia and describes how a select group of corporations manage the risks and challenges encountered in conflict and post-conflict situations as well as providing indications on potential strengths and weaknesses.

International conference

At the end of 2013, a conference was held in Stockholm for the dissemination of the main findings and lessons learned accumulated during the course of the project. The conference was be forward-looking in nature and an opportunity for a diverse group of representatives from the private sector, the development community and other relevant stakeholders to exchange experiences and ideas on conflict sensitivity in the corporate sector in situations of conflict and post-conflict. The participants of the conference benefited from a raised awareness of the risks and challenges in conflict settings as well as deepening their understanding of the various tools and methods to address these challenges and mitigate risks involved.

Project website

Finally, this website serves to make the project outputs available to the target group but also to a broader audience. The website is meant to be as user-friendly as possible and includes a general description of the project and its key activities, reports as well as links to guides and tools to help contribute to sustainable business practice by avoiding getting entangled with conflict dynamics and CCDA’s. The project ended in december 2013, but the website will remain active until 2015.